New Student Residence

Since our recent announcement that Yacht Haven Marina has become a major new investor in Galileo Maritime Academy, we have moved ahead with breathtaking speed to open our new student residence on the waterfront just 200 meters from our new office and training center at […]

Our Recent Graduates

This month we are taking a look at some of our recent graduates from Galileo Maritime Academy. Each month we graduate a number of superyacht deckhands and stewards/stewardesses from our combined STCW 2010 and Certificate of Proficiency as a superyacht crew DSS course. Each course […]

My Arctic Summer

This is the story of a Galileo graduate, who had been working as a 21-year-old milk delivery man in Queensland, who came to Galileo Maritime Academy and completed his superyacht deckhand/steward course along with his STCW 2010 certification over 15 days of November 2015. A […]

Yacht Haven Marina Partnership

Strategic alliance signed in Phuket to develop the premier maritime academy in the Asia Pacific region. Phuket Yacht Haven Marina and Galileo Maritime Academy have signed an agreement whereby a university-style campus is to be built and developed at Yacht Haven Marina to provide advanced […]