Cruise Connect Summit 2018

A 50 percent growth in the global cruise fleet in recent times has posed a major challenge for the availability of a competent crew. The Cruise Connect Summit and Crew Connect Global, held at Manila from November 5th to 7th, revealed a massive challenge. Click […]

World Class Training Facilities

Galileo Maritime Academy is receiving much recognition around the world for the quality of the training delivered to seafarers across the merchant shipping, offshore oil & gas, cruise ship, and superyacht industries. Positioned as the only maritime academy in the Asia Pacific region to provide […]

Crew Training Standards in Thailand

In July 2017 Galileo Maritime Academy, an MCA accredited professional seafarer training center based in Phuket, Thailand, proposed that Thailand could adopt a modified version of the MGN 280 training standards. These crew training standards have been developed and implemented over the last ten years […]

New Crew Training Center Opens

Galileo Maritime Academy has this month announced the completion of its’ new architect designed professional crew training center and crew residence in Phuket, Thailand. The “T” shaped buildings comprise state-of-the-art training and recreation rooms, a seafarer medical center, culinary arts, and hospitality school, a 3-meter-deep […]

Galileo’s Vision

The story in 2011 when a Royal Navy engineer flew to Thailand and had the vision to start a school for superyacht crew. He could see Asia growing fast as a maritime destination for charter superyachts as well as for cruise and merchant shipping. The […]