We now offer International Yacht and Maritime Training Courses (IYT).

IYT is the world’s most internationally certified and trusted standard of excellence in yacht training, maritime certification, safety, knowledge and sailing adventures.

The final day of the practical course is given over to a practical examination by an IYT Examiner who will assess candidates’ practical ability, their underpinning knowledge, and their command ability by means of an extensive oral and practical test on a yacht. Candidates can expect to be examined on any subject covered by the syllabus of the theory or practical courses and to be questioned on any aspect of their yachting experience to date.

–> NEXT COURSE STARTING May 1st 2023! 

For all course details visit:

and/or download the following PDF: IYT Master Of Yachts 200 Tons Limited COURSE DETAIL (PDF 0.5 MB)

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