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IYT Master of Yachts 200gt Limited Certification

8 Day Fast Track Program

Duration: 8 Days

Price: 63,000 THB

The 8 Day Fast Track Program bundles essential STCW 2010 Courses with two courses most sought
after by Yacht Captains and Crew Agencies when considering rookie crew for employment.
This program attracts a 10% discount over the cost of the courses if booked separately PLUS 8 daysfree room and full board in our comfortable on-campus accommodation alongside your fellow
course mates.

This ‘Fast Track’ Program includes:

MCA STCW 2010 Certificate of Proficiency

– Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (FPFF)
– Elementary First Aid (EFA)
– Personal Survival Techniques (PST)
– Personal Safety and Social Responsibility (PSSR)
– Proficiency in Security Awareness (PSA)

IYT Powerboat and RIB Master Certificate

Food Hygiene Level 2 (FHL2) Certification

Includes 10% discount on course prices
PLUS room and full board for 8 days!

The IYT Master of Yachts 200gt Limited certification course is a major step in increasing your maritime skill set. Whether you are a professional seafarer looking to advance your career to new heights or you are a “pleasure yachtie” wanting to upgrade your knowledge and improve your confidence before purchasing a larger vessel. The IYT MoY 200gt Limited is a significant commitment in time and resource and crucially, is not a course for beginners or inexperienced sailors.

Choose our bespoke free assessment to test your level of readiness for the main certification course. Alternatively elect to give yourself the best possible chance of successfully completing certification by choosing our exclusive preparation course. Or if you believe you are ready to take the next step up in your career, go straight to our IYT MoY 200gt Limited Certification course.

Graduates of the Preparation Course qualify for a 10% discount on the Master of Yachts Limited theory and practical modules if taken within six months of the preparation course.

IYT Master of Yachts 200gt Limited Certification Course

Duration: 12 Days

Price: 148,000 THB

This technical course is aimed at providing participants with the necessary knowledge and skills required to obtain their MoY 200gt Limited certification, which is a prerequisite for career advancement in the maritime industry.

This comprehensive maritime course is also suitable for yacht owners looking to expand their technical yachting knowledge and undertake more challenging personal voyages.

This course is undertaken with a limit of 4 candidates ensuring that each person gets the maximum value from our experienced Master Mariner and IYT instructor.

This intensive 12-day course is split into two principal modules. You will spend the first seven days onshore at Galileo’s campus in Phuket. The next five days will be spent aboard the Academy’s own 13-meter twin screw yacht Galileo.

Lunch is provided for the onshore module and all meals are provided for the offshore section. Onshore accommodation can be arranged either at the academy or with our partner hotel. The accommodation is an additional charge to the course fees.
An STCW 2010 Basic Training Course can also be added if required.

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IYT Master of Yachts 200gt Limited Preparation Course

Duration: 7 Days

Price: 69,000 THB

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
Benjamin Franklin

The IYT MoY 200gt Limited preparation course is a bespoke course created by, and exclusive to Galileo Maritime Academy. This course is designed to prepare participants, either professional seafarer or amateur enthusiast, in great detail to successfully complete the MoY 200gt Limited certification course.

The idea of taking your IYT MoY 200gt limited certification can be a daunting undertaking for many. By taking part in our preparation course, you will be able to step up to the principal course confident that you have applied yourself and created the most favorable environment for your best outcome.

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IYT Master of Yachts 200gt Limited Free Assessment

At Galileo we have designed a bespoke self-assessment course designed to find any gaps in your knowledge that requires extra preparation before committing to the principal course. The course is offered online and can be accessed from anywhere in the world, making it ideal for individuals who have busy schedules and is designed to help students prepare for the International Yacht Training (IYT) Master of Yachts 200GT Limited Certification Exam.

Course Outline:

  • On receipt of your application, we will send you part 1 of your free self-assessment. This PDF document will contain a questionnaire and examples of the MoY exam syllabus.
  • One week after you will receive part 2, the answers to the mock exam questions and a detailed guide to self-assessment.
  • On conclusion of the self-assessment, you will have a greater personal understanding of your readiness to take the IYT MoY 200gt Limited Certification course.
IYT Master of Yachts 200gt Limited Certification Course in Detail

During the course, participants undergo rigorous training and assessments, covering topics on navigation, safety at sea, boat handling, leadership, radio communication, and ocean piloting. Additionally, students will receive training towards firefighting methods, medical emergencies, onboard safety procedures, larger yacht-specific procedures, and yacht-specific systems and components.

The course consists of both theoretical and practical training, with participants spending a considerable amount of time in classrooms and on-board yachts. The assessments include multiple choice theory exams, verbal questioning, practical boat manoeuvres and emergency procedures. The practical aspects concentrate on leadership skills in complex situations, large yacht operations and safe yacht management.

Completing an IYT Master of Yachts 200gt Limited Course opens a broad range of career opportunities for graduates in the nautical industry. Yacht Captains holding this certification can apply for roles as Charter Captains, Superyacht Captains, or Yacht Managers. They can also apply for roles in Coast Guard, Merchant Navy or Royal Navy.

For those intending to pursue a career in the maritime industry, successful completion of the IYT Master of Yachts 200gt Limited Course will lead to increased employment opportunities, higher salaries, and working aboard larger, more sophisticated yachts. It provides an excellent platform for those who plan to work towards higher-level positions within the yacht industry, such as yacht engineers, MCA Surveyors, and other marine industry careers.

The IYT Master of Yachts 200gt Limited is an internationally recognized certification that has been designed to meet the standards of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), and the UN Principles for Responsible Management Education. It is recognized by yacht associations worldwide, and it complies with the requirements of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), the United States Coast Guard, and the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).

If you are interested in pursuing a career within the nautical industry, the IYT Master of Yachts 200gt Limited is a course worth investing in. Not only will you gain the necessary skills and knowledge to operate larger yachts safely, but you will also open up a world of opportunities that will help you take your career to the next level. Contact us at Galileo Maritime Academy to learn more about the Master of Yachts 200gt Limited course and how we can help you achieve your training goals.

Please note the following entry requirements:

  • 18 years of age or over
  • The Candidate should have adequate practical experience AT THE HELM of either a sail boat or twin-screw power vessel.
    The requirements are:
    –> 3000 nautical miles – This mileage must be logged on genuine cruises or passages and not short-day trips. At least 2 000 miles must have been completed on coastal voyages and not ocean
    crossings. It is important that the candidate has spent time in a position of responsibility, at least as watch leader, and has considerable experience of actual boat handling.
    –> 50 days on board at sea (a day = 24 hours)
    –> 30 hours on watch at night underway as an active member of a yacht’s crew. For at least six hours of this night time experience the candidate must have been acting as the vessel’s captain/watch-leader.
    –> Verification of this experience should be original and signed by the skipper of the vessel. Candidates claiming sea time during which they were acting as skipper may sign their own entries but independent confirmation is required.
    –> It is assumed that during this qualifying mileage the candidate will have gained a working knowledge of the Collision Regulation and the basics of paper chart work for coastal navigation.
  • A physical/medical which must include eyesight and colour blindness check
  • VHF or Radio Operator Certificate

Valid MCA Approved STCW 2010 Basic training certificates are also required before a MoY Certificate of Competency can be issued. Candidates not holding valid STCW Basic certificates can update or take the full course, within or adjacent to the MoY courses (additional fees apply).

Candidates not holding a VHF SRC certificate can study this course online prior to attendance and be examined during the MoY courses (additional fees apply).

IYT Master of Yachts 200gt Limited Preparation Course in Detail

Shore Based Training at Galileo Maritime Academy Campus.

  • A five-day classroom course of guided study in each of the theory examination subjects required for the IYT MoY Limited qualification.
  • In addition to instruction given that covers the full syllabus, you will be given exercises and study material to work through during and after the course at your own pace.
  • At the end of the course, you will be given an assessment of your study needs to help target any areas you need to concentrate on.
  • When you feel you are ready, a mock examination in each subject will be emailed for you to complete and return to us for marking.

Followed by –

Sea based in Phang Na Bay.

  • An intensive, two days, hands on, course aboard our 13m twin screw motor yacht.
  • You will be instructed in: –
    • berthing and unberthing
    • anchoring and use of anchors
    • manoverboard manoeuvring and recovery
    • Blind navigation techniques
    • Practical chartwork and navigation

Courses are taught by an experienced Master Mariner and IYT instructor and limited to 4 students to ensure you get all the attention needed at this important stage of your career development.

Lunch is included for each day of the shore-based Module.

All meals and accommodation on board are included in the sea-based module.

Accommodation can be arranged on campus (at extra cost) if requested.


Here at Galileo Maritime Academy, we provide a wide range of safety, security and first aid courses to meet the needs of superyachts and cruise line, merchant line and oil/gas rig owners, managers and operators. These courses meet and exceed the international standards established by IMO, MNTB, MCA, and ISPS.

Galileo also provides entry-level and advanced skills and service training for the superyacht crew. Superyacht crew courses include exterior deck crew, interior steward and stewardess, combined skills for deckhand/steward or stewardess.

Galileo Maritime Academy is directly accredited by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) of the Department of Transport of the United Kingdom to issue MCA Approved Certificates and is an International Yacht Training (IYT) Professional Training Centre.

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