As businesses around the world begin to reopen after months of lockdown periods, many of our students are asking how it will affect being able to attend the training courses required for their careers.

Galileo Maritime Academy is working closely with local governments, health authorities including the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Thailand Ministry of Education to ensure the highest standards of safety for our students and staff.

Safety measures implement in the academy after the lockdown.

  1. Staff and students will be required to bring their own mask and wear it properly. Students and staff without a mask will not be allowed in the academy.
  2. Temperature screening will take place at the entrance of the academy. All must adhere to this procedure. Temperature check must be done before starting work in the morning and after office hours. This should be recorded in the red book.
  3. Hand sanitisers will be available at all times in the classroom, kitchen, reception and recreation room.
  4. Social distancing will be observed with floor markers, chair markers in the classroom, board room, kitchen and reception.
  5. Food preparation and safety.
    • All meals are prepared and served following strict food safety requirements.
    • Kitchen staff will be regularly monitored on Covid 19 food handling guidelines.
    • Kitchen staff are required to use PPE in handling food preparation.
  6. All areas in the academy will be disinfected by aerosol spraying after the areas has been used.
  7. Briefings on safety and hygiene will be conducted for all students and staff to ensure we are consistently following the most up to date advice.

For Staff

  1. Staff not assigned in the kitchen is not allowed in the kitchen. Lunch will be distributed accordingly.
  2. The distribution of lunch is arranged as planting to adhere to preventive measures.
  3. Staff can use the Boardroom and alley to eat their lunch and practice social distancing by eating one seat apart. For Management staff, when they are back in the academy, an option to eat in their respective offices is a temporary suggestion as well.
  4. Dish out tray will be provided in a designated area for staff eating in the Boardroom and the staff eating outside the Boardroom.

For Students & Staff

  1. Staff not assigned in the kitchen is not allowed in the kitchen. Lunch will be distributed accordingly.
  2. Packed lunch will be prepared. Boys will eat in the fire while the female staff will eat in the kitchen.
    Management staff will eat in their office.
  3. Dish out tray will be available according to designated places. 

Student Meal Options

  1. Packed lunch will be prepared for students.
  2. Students are able to arrange their own lunches if preferred.


  1. Is it possible for a potential student from South Africa to enrol for an engineering course in the current covid situation?

    1. Yes, it is possible. You will need to check with immigration for the up to date travel requirements prior to coming, however there have been lots of students coming from overseas throughout the pandemic period.

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