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Tip your toe in the water and get all of the basic skills that are required to be confident and safe when starting your first role on board a vessel up to 24m long

Learn the ropes
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You can choose to get your experience in a specific area of the industry, or do one session at a time. 

Click the options below to find out more about each of the training packages that are available and the skills you will learn in each of the classes.

Galileo Maritime Academy is proud to announce the launch of a new range of introductory courses taught by professional, internationally certified instructors at our world class training facility located in Phuket Yacht Haven Marina.

As a professional seafarer training facility providing international qualifications for crew to work on board large vessels, we understand that there are those who lack experience and basic skills necessary to be able to take the most away from our MCA and Superyacht Career Entry courses.

So we have developed the following courses to help new entrants to the maritime industry familiarise themselves with the terminology and basic skills required to start their first role on board. 

These can also apply to the maritime services industry and as a foundation for more advanced training courses also available at Galileo Maritime Academy.

The Training Programs

Individual courses start at just 8,000 THB and you can complete all 3 programs for just 25,000 THB.

That’s a saving of 3,000THB!!

These courses are the best way to learn the basics that will be expected of those applying for work on vessels under 24 metres and for work in the maritime services industry.

All courses have a focus on practical hands-on-training and you will receive a Certificate of Proficiency on completion of your training.

Below you can learn more about each of the individual courses and the skills you will acquire to be confident in your first professional maritime work experience.

Everything You Need for
Working At Sea

Introduction to Marine Engineering

Duration: 3 Days

Price: 12,000 THB

This course is designed for those with limited knowledge of marine engineering and who are seeking to have a better understanding of how things work and how to properly look after and carry out basic operating and maintenance procedures on board small vessels.

Most vessels under 24 metres do not have dedicated engineers on board. Therefore, it often becomes the responsibility of the deckhand, boat assistant and sometimes the Captain alone to operate and maintain the engines and systems.

With the correct knowledge provided through practical training and in a realistic environment, you will gain a better understanding of engines, machinery, equipment and systems on board your vessels.

With this knowledge and understanding of basic maintenance, costs for the operator can be reduced and downtime, breakdowns and unplanned stoppages can be controlled or eliminated.

The course will be conducted in our engineering workshop and on board our 32’ Kong & Halvorsen motor cruiser. The course consists of approximately 30% Classroom based Theory and 70% ‘Hands on’ Practical work.

The course covers:
• 4 Stroke Marine Diesel Engines
• 2 Stroke Outboard Motors
• 12 Volt DC Batteries and Electrical Supply Systems
• Associated Marine Ancillary Equipment and Systems

Marine Safety Basic Training

Duration: 2 Days

Price: 8,000 THB

For small vessel operators in the marine tourism industry, the strength of your brand and its perceived value relies heavily on the sense of safety and security that comes with it. This course is designed to raise the profile of marine operations while protecting your brand and demonstrating your values by having crew trained and certified to an international standard.

With the expertise necessary to identify and prevent emergency situations from arising, students will be trained to react effectively when they do arise, ultimately protecting guests, marine assets and the marine environment.

This basic safety training is delivered to an international standard by professional instructors and will allow operators to confidently present their marine business to agents, clients and guests as an international standard marine tourism operation and be properly prepared for work at sea.

The course will be conducted in our MCA and ISO 9001 approved training facilities.

The course consists of approximately 75% classroom based theory and 25% ‘hands on’ practical training. which covers: 

• First Aid at Sea
• Fire Prevention and Control
• Survival at Sea
• Guest Control and Management

Yacht Crew Basic Training

Duration: 2 Days

Price: 8,000 THB

The purpose of this course is to provide students with the basic knowledge, and practical skills that will enable them to begin a career in private or charter yachts that are less than 24 meters in length.

The difference between a good boat trip and a great boat trip is often down to the crew and their ability to consistently deliver 5-star service and communication to passengers through good preparation, a thorough understanding of their responsibilities onboard and attention to the needs of the guests.

This course has a strong focus on preparing crew to professionally brief international passengers and explain navigation routes, safety requirements, boat layout and helping the crew to confidently handle guests in all situations, including emergencies.

Students will learn the skills necessary to instill a sense of professionalism to enhance the experience that guests expect of the operator. Finally, no successful trip is finished without the vessel being professionally and thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the next group expecting a memorable experience, delivered by professionally trained crew.

The course will be conducted in our MCA and ISO approved training facilities.

The course consists of approximately 25% classroom based theory and 75% ‘hands on’ practical training and covers: 

1. Layout and terminology (for interior and exterior of boats).
2. Safety measures onboard
3. National parks and charter navigation
4. 5-Star service of making passengers feel at home while onboard
5. Preparation prior to departure with decorations, provisioning and checklists
6. Welcoming passengers on board
7. All basic essential interior and exterior cleaning product and techniques